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Off The Beaten Track

“Off The Beaten Track” places are very numerous. They are just as interesting, impressive and worth visiting as the major attractions. It is just a matter of your choice.
Below are just a few museums I’ve chosen for your attention. But besides them, you can also choose to visit any other museums or just places where mostly locals go. There are 2 Train Museums, local markets, Vodka Museum, our subway/underground stations, small streets off Nevsky, local cafes and many other charming and glorious sights which you may want to visit.

Museum of the Heroic Defenders of Leningrad during Blockade

The 40 m high needle and memorial statues are the first sight anyone sees as they travel to the city from the airport. The Blockade museum is a 3-level construction: the upper memorial, the eternal flames downstairs which are not seen from the road and the museum itself situated underneath the Victory Square. Besides numerous authentic objects from Blockade time, a very short documentary film is shown of footage of the Siege revealing the most dramatic moments in the life of Leningrad and its defenders, from the beginning of the Blockade in September 1941 to its end in January 1944.

Military-Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineer and Signal Corps

If  weapons are your thing, then you will enjoy having a look around this stockpile of Russian and foreign military vehicles, various pieces of artillery, as well as artillery armaments and ammunition, rifles, military-engineering equipment, banners, uniforms and insignia numbering more than 850,000 items. Outside the museum, big tanks and rocket-launchers are reminders of the military might of the former Soviet Union.


The State Museum of Russian Political History


One part of this museum is housed in the former home of Matilda Kshesinskaya, a famous ballerina and the lover of Nicholas II prior to his marriage. After Matilda escaped from Russia on the eve of 1917 revolution, this house ironically became the Bolsheviks' headquarters for a short period and Lenin's office has been recreated for the museum's display. The huge exhibition detailing the socialist revolution and its results is particularly fascinating and there are over 1,000 exhibits documenting the entire Soviet period.

Dostoevsky Museum

Among Dostoevsky’s numerous Petersburg addresses, the building on the corner of Kuznechny lane and Dostoeyvsky Street (formerly Yamskaya) holds particular significance. The writer moved there with his family in October 1878 and lived there until the day of his death, January 28, 1881.
It was here that he met with his friends and where his last novel “The Brothers Karamazov” was written. This simple, completely ordinary apartment building has today become the place most visited by Dostoyevsky’s admirers.The museum is divided into 2 sections: literary and memorial (his apartment and belongings). The audio-guide gives fascinating biographical details about his arrest and exile. Whether you are interested in Dostoevsky’s brave character, turbulent life or amazing literary work, this museum is certainly the premium place to visit.

Museum of Musical Instruments in Sheremetyev Palace

The wealthy Sheremetyev family lived in this palace until the 1917 revolution. These days the house has a permanent display of the Sheremetyevs’ private art collection, and it is home to the museum of Musical Life which would be of interest to musicians and fans of musical history. It showcases an extensive collection of Russian and European musical instruments, some from as early as the 17th century. Upstairs you will find a series of elaborate rooms containing other intriguing aspects of musical history.

Yusupov Palace

Yusupov Palace. This palace was purchased by the wealthy Yusupov family in 1830 to house their art collection, and it still retains an aristocratic atmosphere within its stunning interiors.  Interestingly, it was also the scene of the grisly murder of the famous Siberian peasant Grigory Rasputin who was considered to be exercising too much influence over the then Royal Family. Upon your request the tour can include a showing of the rooms in the basement where the murder took place, with the story details. You will see where Felix Yusupov and his entourage tried to poison Rasputin and what happened when he tried to escape…

Art Nouveau delights.

For connoisseurs and lovers of this style I recommend including into your tour several special places and sights. The most famous of them are the “Petrograd Side” district, Vitebsky railway station and the oldest bookstore on Nevsky which until 1917 housed the headquarters of the Singer sewing machine company.

email: olguide@gmail.com Skype Olgamiheyeva home +7(812)365-3682 cell# +7-921-757-50-32.