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Tours and Itineraries

"To choose time is to save time."
Francis Bacon.

"Let not the sands of time get in your lunch."
Tony Hendra.

"Time is the longest distance between two places."
Tennessee Williams.

We all know, it is all about timing, really! And not about the clocks :-) which I was still tempted to put on this page. You will see all of these wonderful timepieces in the Hermitage as well as many other beautiful things if you don’t let the sands of time get in your lunch and if you use your valuable time wisely, i.e. make a good timing:-)

All of my sightseeing tours are tailored to suit YOUR wishes: the choice of sights, the use of car/mini-bus, the time, and place for lunch, etc.

If you wish to initially prepare your own itinerary on your own, please remember that museum closing days vary for each museum.

Below is a list of the most popular museums with their closing days:

  • The Hermitage is closed on Monday; The Russian Museum - on Tuesday;
  • St. Isaac's Cathedral and the Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood - on Wednesday;
  • The State Museum of Russian Political History - on Thursday and the last Monday of each month;
  • The House of Peter the Great - on Tuesday and the last Monday of each month;
  • The Museum of the Heroic Defenders of Leningrad during the Siege - on Wednesday;
  • Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo - on Tuesday and the last Monday of each month;
  • Alexander Palace in Tsarskoye Selo - on Tuesday and the last Wednesday of each month;
  • Peterhof Parks are open daily but Peterhof's Great Palace is closed on Monday and the last Tuesday of each month;
  • Pavlovsk Palace is closed on Friday and the first Monday of each month.

Note that most of our museums in winter open at 11am and close at 6pm, and so according to museum rules we can enter them no later than 5 pm at the latest.

In summer, most museums open at 10am, The Hermitage at 10:30am, and most of them close at 6pm with a couple of exceptions: St. Isaac's Cathedral and the Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood open till 7pm, and it is possible to get on top of St. Isaac's even at night.

Also when preparing an itinerary please do not crowd it with too many sights and museums: allow some time for possible traffic jams, your lunch, etc. If there is any time left at the end of the day, we can always try to fit in extra sights.

But I’m sure you’ll agree that for the most relaxed and rewarding visit to St. Petersburg, expert, experienced help is essential, simply because of the complexities involved, and the benefits a Tour-Guide can bring. Planning a successful itinerary that won’t leave you baffled and exhausted should best be left to someone who knows the proximity of palaces, museums, parks, bridges, fountains, art-exhibits, etc; knows the different opening days and closing times; can take into account all YOUR various interests and wishes; can allow for your time limitations; can organize a driver and vehicle; with travel-route planning; with a knowledge of possible traffic delays; with experience of dissimilar viewing times; and is familiar with eating & rest period requirements; and has the experience to take into account any other special needs.

As a qualified Tour-Guide I can conduct professional excursions in all the numerous museums of St. Petersburg; I can answer your numerous questions on Russian art, history and culture, or I can stay in the background and leave you to wander freely, but always on hand to guide you to sights and exhibits and give you helpful advice, should you want it, on such things as accommodation, shops, restaurants, shows, theater tickets, etc.

So what do YOU want to See & Experience?

Please check out the previous pages and make YOUR choice. On the “Major Attractions” page I have listed only the most popular sights and museums with very short descriptions because it’s impossible to show on the website all the beauty, variety and the great number of museums, sights, theaters, and art exhibitions, etc. that St. Petersburg has to offer. On the page “Off the Beaten Track” I have mentioned some special sights, museums and places which are less touristy and consequently less crowded – not because they are less interesting, but because tourists do not know about them, or just do not have enough time for them – priority being given to the major attractions.

Of course, you are welcome to add or ask me about any other places of particular interest that are not mentioned.

Some Useful Advice

Dear New Prospective Visitors to St.Petersburg and My New Guests, Here are a few tips which hopefully will be useful for you:

  • Please trust your guide to give you good advice on a suitable, central and inexpensive hotel in St.Petersburg and to take care of your theater/ballet/folk show tickets.
  • The weather in St.Petersburg is very changeable and quite unpredictable, so it would be a mistake to reply too much on weather forecasts. Please be prepared for any kind of weather and your guide will do everything to make your visit comfortable.
  • When planning an itinerary, please do not make it too crowded with too much sightseeing: take into account the time needed for getting from one place to another, possible traffic jams, the time needed for your snacks/lunch and rest. In the opposite case, your sightseeing tours will be too rushed, unhealthy and very tiresome - leaving in your memory just a blur.
  • It is pretty unpractical to make a fixed, detailed itinerary and then try to fulfill it in the fixed order of sightseeing no matter what. Please be ready for some slight changes in the order of sightseeing which may prove to be necessary to make your tours more comfortable and to use your time to the best advantage.
  • If you wish, you are welcome to write letters with questions to my former guests who have kindly allowed me to show their e-mail addresses in my site and are willing to answer your questions. You can find their e-mail addresses both in Testimonials section and in the Photo Gallery.

email: olguide@gmail.com Skype Olgamiheyeva home +7(812)365-3682 cell# +7-921-757-50-32.